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Maxscape Application Server

Web Server Components

With Maxscape, content generation takes place within application servers. An application server consists of one or more daemon processes, which are running on top of the generic server platform. Application code is executed within the processes, using the server API. Each application server has it's own:

  • Directory Structure
  • Server Configuration
  • Content Database
  • Runtime System
  • Application Software

Directory Structure

Each application server is located in a separate sub tree under the '/maxscape/server' directory. The tree has a standardized structure and contains the documents, images, application code, libraries and the ASCII export of the content database tables.

Content Database

Each application server has it's own database instance and table space. The database instance is referred to by the unique application server name.

Site/Content Management Surface

The content management and administration surface provides access to the content and the scripts stored in the application server databases. Several other server features can be controlled via this surface. One the client side only a web browser is required.

Runtime Processes

Applications are executed within daemon processes running on top of the server platform. A runtime process consists of the application and server software and a main script, that executes the application and server code within a main loop. Application modules are be plugged into the process via the plugin mechanism and callbacks could be executed at several stages of the generation engine state.

Runtime System Objects

The content generation engine creates several runtime objects to provide an API to the server libraries. These objects could be used in elements, templates and in the application modules.

Command Line Tools

Some administratin shell scripts and a command line tool helps to manage and maintain the system.

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